BMW M Festival

One of BMW’s most prestigious events - a thrilling adrenalin-charged weekend


BMW’s M Festival is a prestigious event in the annual calendar that attracts thousands of motorsport fans who enjoy the sound of roaring engines and 24 hours of racing. The thrilling adrenalin charged 3 day event at the legendary Nurburgring race track always promises an unforgettable experience to BMW fans around the world. Continuing on from the DTM hospitality structure, Excellent Structures, were contracted to design and manufacture an exclusive high-end hospitality event structure that BMW motorsport fanatics could enjoy while watching the racing.


The objective was to provide the 2016 BMW M Festival with a high-end and unique temporary structure that would be the showpiece for their hospitality area during the event. The structure needed to be a temporary, stand-alone facility complete with full amenities and customised interior for VIP spectators. Crucially it needed to be designed, delivered, fully fitted out and ready for use within a 4 week period.


An innovative two-storey Manhattan temporary structure was designed and manufactured by Excellent Structures. The lower storey comprised of 6,730 sq. feet of interior space; the upper storey measured 3,230 sq. feet with an additional 3,500 sq. foot L-shaped terrace. The 2-storey structure included custom restrooms, extensive internal and external lighting, HVAC, custom furnishing and flooring, themed entertainment and food & beverage areas throughout the structure.

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